Class Registration v3.0 - Foley Public Schools

Welcome to Foley Community Education!
Online registration for Winter-Spring 2019 Community Education classes  is now available for registration online!  Register Here

I hope everyone has had a wonderful 2018 and is ready to jump into a fabulous 2019! 

In these pages you will find opportunities for every member of the family to make the most of this fresh new year!

Here in Community Education we are constantly trying to enhance ourselves and our offerings to meet the needs of our community. If you have any class suggestions please feel free to give us a call! We appreciate this more than we can ever express! 

I would like to give a big warm thank you to all the instructors who have taken the time to put together such great opportunities for our community members! 

Senior Crafts at Dewey Place - Create hands-on keepsake crafts/decor to take home. Join Community Education, Whispering Willows & Foley Area Care at Dewey Place! Meet new people, laugh and bring out your creativity. These are FREE classes! *Please call Jill at 320-968-6144 to RSVP * See page 10 for craft class information.

If you have any class suggestions or would like to teach a class please let us know. Thank you community members for your continuous support!!

Gifted & Talented

After school classes for students who have been identified as Gifted/Talented. Coordinator approval required for participation.